Words and Aesthetics

My dearest reader,

I want to start this blog post by expressing my gratitude. I know I haven’t been active on the blog for more than 20 days and that is because I was finishing my semester and just had too much to do. Also, I kept having all kinds of ideas about the blog – I even thought of completely changing its purpose. My gratitude though is to the readers who kept coming back and to all those who still visited the blog while I wasn’t posting anything new. I am working to change that!

As I said, I was entertaining the idea of completely changing the blog but I later reminded myself why I had started it to begin with. The blog was never intended to be a company of sorts and it certainly wasn’t planned to be of commercial nature. I just wished and planned to create a platform to express myself and to share creative content.

Now, however, the blog has introduced me to a completely new world of possibilities. A lot of people have reached out to me or have connected more with me because of the blog. I feel my creative career has been further enhanced because of this beautiful platform. I know now that I’m proud of what I’ve created and I have so many projects for the blog’s future.

The Main Idea

So, as I had enough time to reflect I realized that I truly wanted to involve more the power of words on the blog. I know that words and what I write are the most important part of the blog but so are the visuals. I truly care about artistic expression so I want to give more emphasis to the relation between word and aesthetics. So, the new goal of the blog is to combine more closely words and literature with aesthetics and art of any kind. This will be done throughout the categories of the blog that are already existent so the content will not change, at least not drastically.

The Power of Words

Words are inevitably powerful, especially today when unfortunately we can’t confront people by dueling and possibly killing them. However, it’s not only through confronting others that words show power but also through informing them and making them believe certain things. Companies sell us products constantly through the words they use and political parties make us vote for them through what they say. This is why it’s odd that people are always claiming that they only believe in what they see yet they constantly believe the words of others. You really can’t see words but besides hearing them you can feel them.

It is through words that you can comfort someone. You can express your love and care but also your passion. So, although you can do many bad intentioned things with words, you can surely do many good things too.

I don’t want to just spread positivity through words on the blog, I also want to share what I believe to be the truth. I want to tell stories that might not be the definition of positivity but I hope to portray reality in them, to talk about issues and to even find beauty in struggles.

The Pleasure of Aesthetics

There is a sense of aesthetic pleasure in almost everything if you can only catch it. I think I can catch it with my eyes, that’s why I’m a writer because I process what I see in my brain and write it down. However, the challenge is to also catch it with devices to share it with others in alternative ways because not everyone can understand words. Illiteracy doesn’t only mean not being able to read and write, it also means not being able to accurately process things.

Jacques Lacan, the French psychoanalyst, said that all communication is miscommunication. And, I do believe it because certainly all of us have different mind filters and all of us have intentions, feelings, and experiences that affect how we understand information and how we give it. As a consequence, however I catch aesthetic pleasure, I may not be able to reproduce and represent it the way that I perceive it. However, I can get close and there are a lot of people whom I share beliefs and thoughts with which makes our miscommunication a little milder.

All of my readers up until today have had some bond with my words or the visuals I have shared. I intend to put just as much + more effort in the visual aspect of the blog and I will possibly soon introduce video as a medium. How that will be done is yet a mystery but that is what I’m aiming right now.

The Perfect Relationship

Perfection is out of physical reach, but perfect is such an attractive word. So, in words we can always talk about perfection and we can always entertain the idea of perfectionism. So, the mere word “perfect” is a perfect illustration of the power of words. In no other way can a person give the same feeling as through this word. For some, Rihanna’s Met Gala outfit may seem perfect, for others it may as well be trashy; for some puppies are perfect and some people are scared of them. So, perfection is a word of something we cannot achieve or have in this world.

If we are to learn anything from my sophisticated examples above is that people cannot achieve to produce aesthetic perfection. That’s where words can help make aesthetics more intense and this is my future goal for the blog and my art – to combine as closely as possible words and visuals and to also make art with words in all possible ways I can come up with.

As such I will make a series of one word or one sentence inspired articles which will be analyzed and visualized in creative ways.

Also, I’m secretly planning a bigger project which I hopefully will be able to link to the blog to give back to the community and my readers. For now, my lips are sealed until I have more confirmation for support on that idea.

Stay tuned for all the aesthetical pleasure you’re about to receive and I am about to serve to you, my friends!


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  • I love your explanation of the word “perfect” and good luck with your project <3

    12/05/2018 at 5:40 pm

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