What I’ve been thinking lately: Life and Filmmaking

Sometimes I just enjoy writing what I’m thinking and feeling. This proves what I often say, that writing is my therapy. I also really enjoy writing to my boyfriend, but that’s another topic. By the way, he also enjoys reading what I write to him, I hope (haha)!


Indecisive about my career

As established in the previous sentences, it is no surprise that I enjoy doing many things. I absolutely love reading and writing but I also enjoy design, photography and lately even video making.


This indecisiveness has really caused me trouble. Although I love doing different things, I often wish I just had one thing that I could focus on.


I have been so absolutely interested in film-making these past days, I just wish I had gone to film school rather than where I go which is really another push towards indecisiveness. I go to a college which functions with the American system of offering two concentrations and a minor. As a result, I study Management, Media and Literature. I love all of them but it’s not helping me focus on something. The three of them are so broad, I just don’t think college will help me figure it out.


So, I have decided to actually start making more videos and try to see if that’s something I want to do. I’m truly enjoying both filming and editing. I think that there’s a great opportunity to connect with people through videos because it’s faster and easier for the consumer. A lot of people say that “video is the future” yet a lot of studies show that a great way for people to get specific information online is through blogs.


What about writing?

By no means do I want to stop writing. It’s just what I do best and what has really brought me places. However, it also connects well with film and video because without a script, videos are usually poor.


I don’t really know what all of this means for my career. For sure, I want to try making videos/film because I have the time and opportunity to explore. I am beyond grateful to be in this position where I don’t have to work and have a job to finance myself, nor is anyone else dependent on me. Aware that this will not last, I certainly don’t plan such a life, however fun it could be haha! I do want to have a job, but I want to work on things that I enjoy. Hopefully I will be able to do so.


I see a lot of my friends who graduate from the same college I will graduate next year being unemployed or just working different jobs that had nothing to do with their concentrations or training. It seems that it really doesn’t matter what you’ve studied as long as you can fill a gap in the job market. I’m kind of sorry for the ones who will just walk around and feel confused because they just don’t have specific skills. I want to change that for myself and I want to eventually specialize in something, as much as I can.


My greatest fear, professionally, is that I will always be chasing certain small passions and always be afraid to be limited. I really don’t like feeling as if there’s nothing else I can do. As such, I hope to work on things that excite me and things where I can share all my talents and abilities. Wish me luck!


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