Wearing Black in The 1920’s

Black is the soil, Albania is the roots and 1920’s is my jam. Or so I decided because there are three things I want to discuss in this article. The country I visited, Albania, as a relaxing and close to heart destination; the color, black, as a fashion statement of mystery and sophistication with a pinch of 1920’s allure.


Initially, I want to tell how I made some alternations in my life which I will soon write about and chose to go to our nearest by gem, Albania. Well, it might seem like the most ordinary thing for most of my friends and family, but really, I feel like there’s so much to cherish about Albania. The astonishing seaside; the interesting and somewhat mysterious history; the language (the same to mine, yet quite different), etc. However, there’s so much wrong with Albania as well, starting from politics and running to mentality. Nevertheless, I can’t but feel joy whenever I take this route because I feel a connection to it, especially because I love water, the sea. Albania is my closest destination with access to the sea, and in the south – breathtakingly beautiful sea.

The Boutique

This time I went to Albania to relax. We chose this boutique hotel which seemed like something taken out of a vintage indie movie. There were many utterly pretty details, the atmosphere was warm and unique, and everything was really clean – which is a major factor for me.

Also, in this gingerbread house of a place, I got the chance to unwind from the stress I had accumulated in the past 7 to 8 months. I got a massage done and obviously loved it.

The breakfast was one of my favorite things in this hotel. I loved that they had cookies they made themselves and it was almost everything I could imagine in an actual gingerbread house.

The Color Black

For this beautiful retreat, we had planned two dinner nights. On the first night, I decided to go with an all-black kind of look. Black, in and of itself, is a very mysterious color. Interestingly, it both/either makes you fade into the crowd; and/or stand out; depending on the outfit. With black, you mostly give an impression of seriousness. These qualities, namely mystery and seriousness, make for an interesting mix in the expression of your personality through style. In most people’s perception, black clothing conveys confidence, attractiveness and even, intelligence.

Also, style-wise wearing black is truly chic and cool. It’s one of those colors that almost anyone can pull off. It doesn’t require too much matching and trying hard to make it look like you’ve taken care of your appearance. So, wearing black is for the busy, the lazy, the stylish, the crazy; it’s for everyone. Unless, you feel like it’s too funeral-ish; in which case we’ll have to agree to disagree.

1920’s Themed Look

On the 1st dinner we had, I wore a black 1920s themed dress and pointed heels. The 1920’s are one of my favorite periods in fashion history. This era seemed to be an explosion of creativity and the time when women in the US got their right to vote. Women basically tried to look like young boys, where they dropped the waist of the clothing and didn’t accentuate their waist, nor their chest. Also, they wore their hair in bobs, especially by the end of the era, which was something brought by the more rebellious women of the time. My hair, ever since I cut it short and it’s started to grow, is quite boyish, if you may, and it has become a true 1920’s bob these days.

This period just screams my name, it’s a romance I developed through my favorite book The Great Gatsby, and also one of my favorite TV shows Downton Abbey.

All in all, I obviously enjoyed both my time in Albania (of which I hope and plan to write more) and my 1920’s themed look. It was fun to wear black and relish my favorite fashion era. However, the hotel was beyond my expectations and I couldn’t wait to go back to my room and sleep. I love clean, tidy and elegant hotel rooms, they remind me of order and make me feel taken care of.


  • Osman

    Few days ago, I was talking with my friend about Prishtina style and we concluded that albanians love wearing black. Really awesome writing. I expect you to write about your perspective on Prishtina fashion style. Keep up the good work

    23/11/2017 at 8:41 pm

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