Summers and Memories

As I’m writing this, sitting in my living room, I can’t but feel a little sad about time passing so fast. Summer went by so quickly and I don’t know if I’m ready to let go of it. I’m pretty excited for fall and setting myself into a routine but summer is always there in the back of the mind. I will try not to be very sentimental about the season but that’s how I remember things. If something happens in certain settings, say in a very sunny day, the latter will become memories. And, memories make stories; as such, stories are the only thing we’re left with when the time has passed.

I truly cherish stories because they remind us which memories matter the most. I’ve come to understand that the best memories are made in attempt to live life with purpose and let go of the little things.

This summer, memories

This summer I made some mistakes. I got a job – which I shouldn’t have done. I was trying to be nice, resourceful and there for my friends. Surely, I did have a good time at work but I left aside things that should and do matter more to me. I couldn’t read or write as much as I wanted and I was a little creatively drained. However, I realized what my professional goals are and that’s what counts.

I left my job on the last day of July and I set sail into an August full of adventure. I will reveal more about my travels in the days to come but I must say, they were terrific.

Apart from work and spending time with family, I watched a lot of TV Shows. I am very much into Bates Motel at the moment. Also, I am watching Friends, which I don’t understand why I put off for so long. I got Netflix just this summer and it’s a little addicting, I don’t love admitting this.

Love was blooming this summer and that’s all I will say for now!

I took a break from technology in August because I just needed to sort of lay low and enjoy what was going on in my life. However, I am so grateful to all the readers who came back to check the blog or the new ones who discovered my blog, I’m going to start to do better with it. I must say that there were times when I was feeling an intense itch to write but I still stood by my decision to take a break.

Past the memories

Fall is creeping in and I’m still home using some more days to just lay around and watch TV Shows before real life kicks in.

I will still do some work for the place I’d worked during the summer. However, I will soon start my last year of college and that’s reason enough for me to get back to creating lists, plans, schedules, etc. I’m all about that coordinated and list-making life. Just putting things in perspective.

I’m hungry at the moment which reminds me that I will start some sort of meal planning. Understandably, I really don’t want to eat unhealthily while in college.

Soon I will have to come up with a list of the things I need to do and things I have to push aside this academic year. I will also make lists of books I have to read and things I want to get better at. Overall I’m pretty excited. Soon I will also start to publish more insightful posts and find more ways to bring together words and aestheticism. Wish me luck!

I was feeling so rusty writing this post, I just needed to update my readers and get myself writing.

See you soon!

P.S. Words And Aesthetics

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