Herceg Novi in Photographs

About Herceg Novi

The city was like a dream, with views that touched the heart. Most of all I loved the sunrise and the bright blue sea, how the day started while the subtle waves helped us come alive. I went to Herceg Novi for a vacation with my family and I had the best time. Summer is truly joyful to me and I have no words to express my admiration for the sea, beach, swimming, and summer vibes. While I would gladly move to a tropical location for the whole duration of summer, I can’t but be grateful that I can see and witness such beautiful places.

About my photography journey

In this bumpy road to mastering photography or simply becoming better at it, I have mostly had the chance to focus on landscapes. I do, however, prefer other genres much more but at the moment I am still doing some online courses, reading literature (for mere pleasure), spending time with family and friends, and just taking some time to rest. For me, success is not only linked to the profession or how quickly I’m reaching my goals (although I’m often impatient and aim to reach my goals ASAP). More than anything I am trying to measure success with my well-being, how much I can live by the standards I have put for myself, the principles I have chosen to live by.

Except for when I’m on vacation, I post a photo a day here.




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