No Romance in Paris

I walk along Champs-Élysées
A straight street feels like a maze
Where is the romance?

I drink bitter hot chocolate
In Les Deux Magots 
The romance?
I did find not

The Louvre calls me
through its walls
But in painting
the romance halts

And Châtelet is the last station
where too many roads collide
At last I understand about romance
What isn’t there, cannot hide

I went to Paris about a month ago and I couldn’t put together my feelings about it for some time, likely because they were mixed. Paris is based on illusions although it has multiple beautiful bits and pieces. But, I went through so much during the days I was there and I couldn’t help sharing my true feelings. This poem brings me right back there and it’s important to remember where you were and realize where you are now. I may not be in a city as pretty as Paris, but I have my romance now.

Romance doesn’t only mean romantic love. Google defines it as ” a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love” (a definition I sought) and love doesn’t only have to be romantic love towards another person. Always try to look through, especially with poetry. But then again, this is the power of poetry, it can be meaningful both directly and metaphorically.

This poem is part of my plan to write one such for every place I visit because there’s something about putting an experience out in poetry form that makes it much more real. Some things only the heart can feel, and some other only a few words can do justice. If you write too much in the case of the latter, you may miss the point.

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