The Moon Will Hit Us

The three children were glued to the kitchen window. Or were they children now? It may only be a parental habit to call them children, despite their older age.  They were undoubtedly horrified by the events unfolding on the opposite side of the window. It quite naturally felt to them as if they were watching a movie, a very scary movie.

The very same moon they had seen every night of their lives, the one that had always followed them while their parents were driving at night, was now their most immediate threat. The whole city was pitch black but the moon approaching and leaving in fast motions was creating a strange festive light effect.

The big, old mosque in the center was as quiet as ever but it most notably reflected the illumination of the moon. No one was speaking in the room, the parents were just as terrified. It didn’t strike anyone that the moon could somehow throw them out of balance, as they were all expecting to be hit by it and die a fast yet painful death.

When the moon was the nearest, they could all notice the round shapes which they had all learned in school about.

“Was the moon mad that it had been hit so many times? Was this a form of rebellion? Can the moon become rebellious?”

None of them really thought about it except for the younger girl. She was just as scared, but she couldn’t stop thinking. She figured it’s a silly thought and didn’t say anything. She figured she couldn’t break this silence because it might’ve been the only element keeping the family put in these moments. The moon which had always seemed so distant and not related to their lives was now bringing itself awfully close.

It struck her that the city seemed too silent, not one living soul was visible from the window.

“Maybe everyone is already dead,” she thought. But then she calmed herself down with the thought that maybe everyone was shocked too.

Where would she go if she wanted to run away? Nowhere! You cannot run away from the moon.

“So maybe that’s why we are all just sitting here and looking at it” is the next thought she had.

She knew now that the moon had everyone’s attention. No one had thought about the moon with such intensity and fear before. It was now that the moon was a real threat knocking on the door and presenting itself so boldly that it made the moon and imminent threat, an immediate issue.

And then, just as it had left its usual position, the moon went back, and it stood there. For a minute everyone was still expecting the moon to come back and finally blow them to pieces. But it didn’t happen and that lasted only a minute.

Instantly, the lights of the mosque were turned on and the azan was heard. The city was illuminated by the mosque and everyone was elevated and more intensely pressed to their windows as they could make out the hundreds of people in the mosque who were now falling in prayer.

“All these people had been there, silently waiting” – thought the girl.

She felt a longing to be there too. She imagined all these people who had been scared and probably ran to the mosque while she and her family felt stuck in their apartment, feeling there’s nowhere to go to escape the moon.

“But the people in the mosque would also be hit and die by the moon, just as desperate and horrified!” – she tried to comfort herself.

She looked closer at them, calm and following the same rhythm of prayer, and it made her think twice about her assumption:

“Well, maybe not as desperate.”



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  • What an amazing ending to this beautiful story.

    05/03/2018 at 3:46 pm
  • Elza Gashi

    Beautifully written! I think I do understand the idea behind the story and the reason I do so, I believe, is because I feel the same way as the little girl.

    06/03/2018 at 3:59 am

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