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Money is Actually a Toxic Problem

The notion of money has vastly different meanings and different connotations for people despite it being a necessity for most. There are people who are completely infatuated with it, yet there are ones who despise it extremely. I am somewhere in-between but it doesn’t take a genius to realize that money is toxic in numerous and different ways.

These days I’ve had a lot to deal with money mainly because I and my friend needed it to further invest in our education, but didn’t have it. Also, I reflected a lot on my personal career goals and the future I picture for myself.

Before I get into what I concluded from my reflections, I want to argue that money is toxic, tremendously.

Too Little Money

Obviously, having too little money is a major issue. In the capitalist society, where even water is sold/bought, lack of money means lack of the bare necessities. I’ve had times in which I didn’t have money for small particular things such as a bus ride (that’s a crazy story for another time) but I know that I had felt completely helpless and in agony. It’s so difficult to imagine how people must feel while enduring hunger. Hence, money is toxic not only because the lack of it often portrays a painful story, but also because it automatically gives you the fear of not having it.

And, it’s not only the necessities. So many education opportunities sink because there’s no money to afford them. This was mine and my friend’s story, we just couldn’t afford that one year abroad and no scholarships were being given for it. So, what were we to do?! Nothing! No matter how much we could’ve worked, we wouldn’t be able to afford it (for those skeptics shouting “JUST GET A JOB!”).

In all cases where people face the issue of insufficient money, they break a little. The parent who cannot give their child money for a school trip; the student who cannot go to the conference because s/he can’t afford it; the person who cannot afford their medication. These are all stories made sad because of money. Money is toxic because too little of it breaks you somehow.

Too Much Money

The other scenario, however, is not any less painful. Having too much money often sounds like what dreams are made of. And maybe they are, maybe most people dream to have a lot of money, or at least more. But money can become an addiction, just like most other valuable objects, and it can affect you in the ugliest ways.

People often wonder why those super rich people don’t just help others who are in need of money, and there are many who do, but there’s also those who claim that people shouldn’t feel obliged to give their hard-earned money to others. Needless to say, I agree with both a little. I don’t support making others lazy by supporting them at all times, however, charity is one of the best deeds a person can do. Actually, I don’t support big celebrity charity groups because I often suspect their intentions. I believe charity should be done in secret so it can be done for the right purposes (I’m not speaking about scholarships though haha).

Too Little or Too Much Talk

Money is one of the main causes couples break up. This says enough. However, not only couples but most people have issues accepting others’ opinions about money. Everyone seems to think they know best how to manage their own and others’ money. At the end of the day, there is not one right way to manage money. However, money is toxic because it makes people argue in the most ruthless ways, especially when people do or plan to create a joint money account such as families do. It’s really difficult to decide who will manage the money and similarly it’s difficult for two or more people to manage it simultaneously.

As such, money is the root of so many relationship troubles. The best way for people to deal with such issues is the way they should deal with any issue, compromise. There’s no way to ignore money so it’s best to just sit down and have the dreaded talk. It’s better for your partner to know your feelings and for you to know theirs. Also, if one of you seem to be better with money than the other, don’t feel bad about giving them more decision-making power.

What I plan to do about it

Doubtlessly, I have or will face these money issues. It’s just one of the most everyday and common problems to face. I’m not dreading it as much as I’m planning on it. I’ve come to believe that I want to have enough money to afford a fairly comfortable life, compared to wherever I’ll live, but not more. This might seem like a lack of ambition but I believe it’s much more than many ambitious people aspire. I crave a more spiritual life in which I will be able to enjoy what I do and not stress myself for more than 8 hours a day aiming more money. As if natural to humans, we are never satisfied. So, I’d rather chase spiritual and mental than financial accomplishment which will come at the cost of the former.


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    Beautifully written,everything I ever thought of money,put in the right words!

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