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Meet Passionate Artist: Xhenet Mullarama

This is the first article of the series I will make to introduce people who have many beautiful qualities but most importantly a great passion for what they do. Xhenet is an amazing artist who makes a living for herself through her art and that’s certainly something I respect. In addition, she has a great and humble personality and she’s so fun to be around. I feel lucky to have known her since 1st grade in elementary school.

Below is the interview which I hope and bet you will enjoy. Above all, I love how she challenges the idea that it’s hard to “make it” as an artist. All the illustrations below are done by Xhenet although this is not the style of art she usually does. She’s an anime artist but these illustrations were done solely for ItsAdea blog to match the interview.


Who are you and what exactly do you do?

My name is Xhenet Mullarama, I am both an illustrator and an aspiring fashion designer.

I illustrate drawings on my digital tablet, mostly personal art and whatever comes to mind. I’m currently in the 2nd year of Fashion Design studies. As much as I enjoy drawing, I am also fond of fashion and style. One of my goals would be to start my own clothing company, to make and sell custom-made clothes by me. I believe that illustration and art, in general, have fueled my desire for fashion because I wanted to find a way to make art a part of mine and other people’s lives.

Xhenet Mullarama


What is your philosophy in life?

I think life is really beautiful and thrilling. As we live our life we get to experience a lot that makes up our personalities. But life is also a mystery since people have to find themselves in it. I’m a Muslim so my life has a pretty set guide. I believe that this has helped me tremendously with where I am personally, emotionally and professionally.


It’s because of my faith that I never feel lost, that I always find my path. I have met people who feel confused about their existence and it undoubtedly shows in the decisions they make in life, in their profession and emotional well-being. Eventually, a lot of these people feel unmotivated to keep up with their work or relationships. I feel, my belief has saved me from such distress and made my life easier.


What inspires you?

As I mentioned above, what inspires me the most is my faith. Also, most of the time I inspire myself since you have to be the one that pushes yourself to work on what you want to do. My hopes, plans, and goals are also a great inspiration. Whenever I have a task in front of me, I imagine the finished result and the rewards which are often all I need to start working.


What are you most proud of in your life?

I am proud to be born in such a loving family and that I’m surrounded by kind and caring friends. I am also proud of my drawing skills which I have developed in the past 8 or more years.

Xhenet Mullarama


Talk about your habits

Drawing is one habit I can never stop. Sometimes I tend to randomly doodle things on paper whenever I’m either nervous or in a good mood. There are even times when I randomly doodle stuff without even realizing it. I also spend a lot of time on the internet (too much time, according to my Dad). I don’t spend much, or any, time on social media. I rather prefer browsing the web, looking for inspiring art and watching videos, news or TV shows.

I also have a bad habit of forgetting. What was the question?!


What things do you not like to do?

I don’t like giving up easily. There are times I get cornered with responsibilities and hardships which can be really stressful where I’m at my wit’s end, but after redeeming myself I pick myself up and keep going. I just don’t allow myself to give up without trying because I think that’s lazy. I also don’t like overworking myself because that’s ineffective in trying to achieve my goals. Taking things easy and one by one is a much better way to get around what you need to do, I think.


Do you have a role model, if so who?

Yes, my role model is my passed mother. Even though she isn’t here she is and always will be someone I’ve always looked up to ever since I was a child. I’ve seen her always socialize with people, be kind, respect everyone equally and never put them down. Additionally, she was strong and independent. When she moved from the Philippines to Kosovo, she did many things on her own and she did them well. She was able to manage life and keep everything in order although she was living very far away from home and in a completely different culture.

I often think about her and the way she would feel towards my actions and decisions. I’m hoping to make her proud of my achievements. A lot of people say that “what you do is a reflection of the education your mum gave you” and I want to prove that my mum gave me an excellent and loving childhood.

Xhenet Mullarama


Give a critique to yourself

Stop leaving everything at the last-minute!


What’s most important to you in your life?

My family and close friends are truly important; they come first no matter what. They have always been there for me through thick and thin and have helped me shape my personality.  I don’t attach much importance to items or daily events, although I try to recognize the value of everything and look after myself.


Tell a childhood memory

I remember having a really close friend in elementary school. We would often hang out together at each other’s houses. Till today she is still my really close friend and I’m glad she came into my life. We used to cook very often and it was rare for us to make anything good to eat. It was still fun though!

We also used to play scary games on the internet and we were so horrified that we would hide behind the computer chair. We would even pull the chair further away from the computer until we would go completely out of the room. Hilarious!

Xhenet Mullarama


What gets you excited?

Anything that’s super cute and attractive. Cats, anime, baby animals and humans, and professional illustrations.Xhenet Mullarama


Tell anything you want

Doing this interview has made me realize more things about myself than I’d personally known. XD


Why do you do what you do (illustration)?

Because it makes me happy and helps me relax.


How did you start illustrating?

I remember watching cartoons as a child and was fascinated by the way they looked, so I wanted to try drawing them on paper. I kept doing it until I was in high school where at some point I decided to take Art more seriously and wanted to improve more in illustrating. And that’s how I became the Artist I am today.


What are the best parts/toughest parts of illustrating?

The best part of being an artist is that you can illustrate on an empty canvas and fill it up with all thoughts, feelings, and imagination. It’s also really fun and you learn more about your surroundings than you know. When you examine something, you realize how interesting some ordinary things can be.

The toughest part of being an artist is sometimes not being able to realize that drawing that you have in your head. Another tough thing is learning the anatomy and dynamics of what you’re illustrating. To overcome these hardships, we have to practice a lot and be really patient. With time, you learn more and can illustrate more complex works.


What motivates you professionally?

Seeing how art can be put together beautifully motivates me to create more and enjoy it. Also, seeing how much other artists have achieved with their art and what they have been able to illustrate is often compelling.


Give an advice!

Do what makes you happy!

Don’t let others choose how you want to live your life, you are the one that decides on that. That’s what I’m doing and that’s why I never get tired of creating art. If you don’t do what makes you happy, you’re likely going to regret it at some point in your life!

I’d like to thank ItsAdea for making me part of this platform and introducing the readers to me and my art. I’ll be looking forward to reading the stories of other people.

Have a good day!

Xhenet Mullarama



Note by Author

I can’t explain how contagious Xhenet’s positive attitude is. When we had the interview a couple of weeks ago she truly motivated me creatively and it has since remained so. I’m so glad to be sharing a little of her story here on my blog because I think that amazing people like her are rare and others should definitely get to know them. I didn’t only enjoy catching up with my darling friend but I also loved how calm yet driven she was. I understood that you don’t have to be constantly stressed when you have a lot to do, rather you should be grateful and as Xhenet puts it “take things easy and one by one”.

Xhenet Mullarama

Xhenet Mullarama

Contact Xhenet via email: xhenetmullarama@hotmail.com

The pictures in this article were illustrated by Xhenet Mullarama and are subject to copyright. Do not claim them as your own and do proper attribution if you share them.


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