Lost My Phone For An Evening And This Is What It Taught Me

Well, I really don’t like losing my things. If I do lose something, I feel really irresponsible but also kind of sad, so I usually take good care of my stuff.

Last night though, as I was returning from another city by bus, I completely lost track of my purse which was really small and light. I basically couldn’t feel it at all; I’m so used to heavier bags. Needless to say, I had left it on the bus and had come home with a taxi. I didn’t really notice that I’d lost it until well into the situation when I was looking for my phone to text my boyfriend. As I was looking for it I started building up tension of the idea that I’d likely lost my purse at some point. I searched all the possible places I could’ve left it, about five times, and then all the possible places I couldn’t have left it and I concluded I had lost my phone.

The Hunt

Obviously, I was shocked and disappointed. How could I have lost my freaking purse?! For a moment I thought I could just search some more and it would pop up somewhere, but then I just decided to stop dreaming. I told my mum and called the taxi to ask if I’d probably forgotten it there. The taxi driver searched the car and said he didn’t see it. He came to pick me up to send me to the bus station so I could try to find it. Interestingly, he didn’t seem to mind coming back and driving around.

Once at the bus station, I quickly learned that the bus had left. The taxi driver proposed that we drive and catch up with the bus but I quickly figured he was charging me even while I was talking to the people in the bus station when I wasn’t even sure I would use his taxi again. So, that’s why he was doing it – for the money!

I contacted the bus company and they said I had to be there the next day at 10:30AM to look for or pick up my purse. They refused to give any more explanation or help.

So did they have it? They didn’t fully convince me.

The Evening

So, I came back home annoyed. I opened up an old laptop of mine because my actual laptop is potentially broken (what good luck!). One of my favorite TV shows, Jane the Virgin, had thankfully brought out new episodes which I started watching. I continued to make one of my favorite foods, Ramen noodles with chicken. And, finally, I sat there with all those comforting things, trying to just get over my potentially or meanwhile lost phone.

The Drama

I know it may sound dramatic, but the reason why it is actually dramatic is that I have way too many things on my phone. The most important of which are definitely my pictures. With around 10,000 I have so many pictures from all kinds of events in my life. I have pictures dating from 2013, even some which are older but put back on my phone later. My memories are all over these pictures taken during travels, family or friendship meetings, times when I thought differently and felt differently. All those photos illustrate my life and, of course, around 98% of them have not been shared anywhere.

When I was getting to know the person who is now my dear boyfriend, I showed him some of these pictures and told him some of the stories behind them. He said that they’d helped paint a much more vivid picture of who I was. So, I don’t adore them or anything like that, but obviously, I cherish them.

Yesterday I wished I had printed them, at least some of them because if I printed all, they would cost me as much as a small car which I need more.

The Decision

Simply put, I made some resolutions. I made the decision that if I had actually lost my phone, I would not get a new one. My mum had bought me this phone and it was expensive when she did. So, there was no point to ask her to buy me another one. And, I wouldn’t work in the summer and spend my hard earned money on a phone.
Also, why do I need a phone anyway? To feel bad if I lost it?! We put too much importance and become too attached to phones. We become addicted. I really don’t want to be addicted to an item.

The Alarm Issue

Today I didn’t have classes but I still had to wake up early because I had no phone to set up the alarm. My mum woke me up when she went to work but I was in such need to sleep a little longer.
I just adjusted the sleeping options of my laptop and found this website. I set it up twice for 30 minutes each because I was still not sure it was going to wake me up and I was certainly woken up by a rooster, just like my ancestors.

10:30 Strikes

So, when it was time for me to leave my house in the morning I certainly put my watch on because…well…apparent reasons. I went to the bus station to regain possession of my purse. And I waited. Nervous.

10:45 Hits

By this time, the sun and heat have made me uneasy. I already feel some disappointment.
“Maybe they’re not going to come! Maybe it’s not my purse that they have!”
I couldn’t entertain good thoughts, at all. But I kept waiting.


I see a glimpse of “Disap Tourism” (totally made up the name of the company for privacy purposes, I don’t even know if they mind using the real name though; the made-up name stands for “disappeared”). I see hope. My favorite professor says she doesn’t believe in hope because you can hope all you want and it won’t change a thing. I believe that if it wasn’t for hope, people would be doomed even more.


“Hi, I’m the girl who called you last night about the lost purse. Do you have it?”

“Yes, it must be here somewhere” – responds the driver who seems to have heard this way too many times.

He searches for it for about 1 minute until the purse surfaces and I release my breath in relief.

I thank him and quickly before I leave the bus he says “Never be afraid to lose something you earned in a halal (permissible/lawful) manner”.

“Yes, you are right,” I said and truly believed.

Back Home

I headed back home and after a few calls, I had mixed feelings. Just yesterday evening I had realized I was quite addicted to my phone and felt like I absolutely need it. In addition, I had decided to buy an alarm clock in the morning and possibly live without my phone if I had really lost it. I guess life didn’t plan it for me that way though.

However, today I barely used my phone and I feel this instance has made me more aware of how much I attach importance to it, despite the fact that it’s merely an item. I need to work more on letting go of my phone and so should others. I will inevitably have to push it aside to make space for all the reading and working I need to do this summer.

Which reminds me, summer is right around the corner and I’m super excited to bring some projects to life and get more detached from my phone.


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