I Lost a Coin in Budapest

I have come to understand that there’s almost nothing that can hold feelings, experiences, and life as much as a poem. Therefore, I came up with the idea of writing poems to or about my traveling experiences. The poems may mostly be symbolic but they will nonetheless express my feelings when I visited said city/country.

A couple of weeks ago I visited Budapest and it was absolutely amazing. In many ways, I experienced a freedom of the soul which immediately diminished once I came back to Kosovo. Traveling doesn’t have to be touristy or necessarily straightforward. I’ve just lately come to understand that traveling can touch your soul and it can completely change your life if done correctly. So, I do suggest not having a complete plan of where you want to go and what you want to do, and just once in a while allowing the wind to take you places. I have done quite some traveling in my life, but the experiences have always been so fundamentally different.

Below is the poem I wrote to/for Budapest. It can mean many things really, you can imagine the golden coin as freedom or any other motif that truly crushes your heart if you lose it. It’s a poem about experience and loss, it’s a poem about life and how you can never retain things however much you believe you have the right to.


Lost a Coin in Budapest

When I first saw

This perfect coin

The gold was stained

But I was sold


Once this coin I felt

and owned

I never wanted

Another Coin


But this was

A sneaky coin

Left my pocket

I didn’t know


As upset as I was

It was merely a miscall

The coin belonged to Budapest

It was never mine, after all


Also, this wouldn’t be a traveling blog if I didn’t attach photographs, which are key to my traveling experiences. I do love photography, style, and aesthetics so Budapest was such a charm in all these aspects. Budapest was quite dazzling in my eyes and I truly enjoyed its views. Most importantly I felt that I could totally wander around Budapest and never get tired of it.

My favorite experiences of those Budapest days were the Szechenyi baths which I believe I won’t ever forget. 9 PM at night swimming and resting at the thermal baths while the rain wouldn’t stop and the temperatures were hitting very low numbers, it was mesmerizing. If I could go back to that time, I would, any day. Both me and the friend I was there with talked about how we would always miss those moments, and we both already do. Nevertheless, some things you only experience once yet remember always.


In The Middle

Red For Days

Rain Ahead

Budapest in Pictures

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