Four for Tuesday: Rebellion

This week I quite reflected around the notion of rebellion. We will settle with the idea that rebellion is resisting and refusing authority that you don’t agree or believe in. However free people think they are nowadays, it’s so clear that they are under the authority of society in many ways. Most people do things a certain way because that’s what is expected of them by society.

So, I believe that rebellion can be on many levels. You can become rebellious towards a family that suppresses who you are or what you want to do (not when you’re 12-15 though, that’s when you’re a little too crazy); towards a friends circle that suppresses your identity by either making fun of you or not supporting your goals; you can also be rebellious towards an institution you’re part of (school or work) that doesn’t allow you to grow. There is always space for you to grow out of the boundaries other people set for you. Here are 4 things that might inspire you to be a little less fearful in embracing your identity.

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Animal Farm

Now this is a book that takes rebellion in the literal sense. It is an illustration of the Russian Revolution through figurative speech. It is absolutely fun to read and the plot is so beautifully laid that we can watch communism unfold in front of our eyes. It’s a pretty quick read and I do suggest it to anyone. The animals of the Manor Farm rebel against their human owner/master. After the rebellion they feel the benefits of freedom including abundant food for everyone, peace and no one to force them into anything. They work together to build the Animal Farm according to the principles of Animalism (their philosophy that animals should be free from people). As events unfold, questions of power arise and then the story begins to shift when some of the pigs, presumably the most intelligent of the animals in the farm, start assuming authority.

Find it Here (also, picture credit to Amazon)



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Erin Brockovitch

This is a movie that features a woman who’s a single mom that gets in a car accident. She sues the other person but then loses the case which brings her to the attorney’s office where she simply pretends to have a job because he had promised her that she will win the case. She starts working there despite the lack of previous law education and quickly gets the hang of things. Pretty soon she discovers some major secrets a company is hiding while people in that district are suffering very difficult illnesses from the company’s activities. She takes this fight upon herself and it’s amazing to watch her rebellious character throughout the movie. It’s a must watch!


Strong Women

While browsing Behance I came across these astonishing works of art. Immediately they intrigued me and I looked deeper into them. They are an illustration series of women with backgrounds that are often judged in today’s society doing what would not be expected of them. This is a form of rebellion because they don’t have to live according to the standards of anyone except for what they believe. I just loved this series and I hope that the author will continue to produce more such great works of art. The artwork itself  is rebellion and I admire it!

View all illustrations and read author’s notes HERE


Maya Angelou – Still I Rise

I couldn’t write an article about rebellion without including Maya Angelou’s multidimensional spirit of rebellion. Being both African-American and a woman, part of marginalized groups, she illustrates her experiences in such beautiful lines. Her works make you sad but uplift you in the most intense manner. She gives you a hope for life, a sense of pride in what you believe and in your identity.

In today’s world, when everyone is trying to be unique by fitting in and being accepted and liked, it’s important to remember not to believe in such falsehood. Your identity is a painting of your beliefs and if you believe nothing, anything and anyone can become the painter. So, in order to direct who you are, you have to embrace your beliefs. If you don’t have any, start asking questions and start exploring. If you look for truth, that is also rebellion. And the look for truth will help you rise.

Read the poem Here


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