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Four for Tuesday: Don’t be TOO Nice

Sometimes people are way too nice. It’s likely in their nature but it can also be that they just want to be good, it’s the way they are taught. We are constantly told to be nice and respect everyone. Even if it’s possible for someone to be nice to everyone and in every situation, there’s a point when it can get too much and self-destructive. So, today I wanted to give myself and my readers motivation to be rebellious in that they avoid being too nice.

We all have friends, family or coworkers who will use your niceness and reap the benefits of your great manners and good heart. When people notice you being a really good sport, they will inevitably use it or even misinterpret it. It’s how people function – they take advantage one way or another. Some people will just attach different meaning to your niceness. Needless to say, at times when u feel that you have been too nice and it has either been used or misinterpreted – take a hit of badass vitamin. What that means for me is that I reflect a bit on my values. I maybe write what is good and great about me; I give myself a nice cup of coffee and enjoy a little bit of art.

This week’s Four for Tuesday is all about dropping off of the TOO NICE train and just being bold when the situation calls for it. This is by no means an anthem against niceness. I am pretty nice myself and consequently, people often take advantage. I don’t mind being nice to people and making others happy as long as it’s taken the right way. My boyfriend often says that I’m the purest person because of all that I just said. However, I’m also fair and always seek the truth and the right thing. So, check the sources below so you can feel more badass and do what is right – stop being nice when people don’t deserve it.


1.Phenomenal Woman BY MAYA ANGELOU

This poem is so close to heart for me. The more I read it the more it becomes an integral part of who I am and what I do. People often tell me not to think of myself as only a woman. But, being a woman shapes many things besides my identity. Being a woman, I am looked upon a certain way; I am treated a certain way. Being a woman, I am loved and hated and both at the same time. Being a woman, I am judged a certain way and labeled. So, inevitably, being a woman affect me, the way I live and what I have to go through; it affects how I feel and what I think of people. It makes me trust people because they seem good and similarly it disappoints me when I get to know people well enough.

So, Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou perfectly illustrates my woman experience. I am not perfect but I am still loved and sometimes admired. People themselves don’t understand what about me intrigues them so much, and it often is the fact that I am a woman. It’s something I believe I cannot, nor am I willing, to change. So,

“I’m a woman


Phenomenal woman,

That’s me.”

Read the full poem HERE (trust me, it’s totally worth it!)

2.The Godfather Movies

So, I started watching the 1st Godfather movie about 3 times and I couldn’t go past this very disturbing horse scene. I will not tell you more about it – it’s really worth it though. I would give it a try almost every time I traveled to the US but I just couldn’t make myself continue. A few weeks ago I decided I would watch it and would not, in any circumstance, stop it (well, unless there would be an emergency).

I’m happy to announce that there was no emergency and I watched it. And then I watched the 2nd one. I am currently watching the 3rd in two takes.

I know that a lot of people stop watching them or get turned off even before starting just because they are super long. But, trust me, every minute is worth it with these beautiful films. I think I will eventually re-watch them.

Although the cinematography is enough reason to watch them, I will talk a little about the movies. They are based on the novel with the same name by Mario Puzo. They’re mob dramas, with a focus on Don Vito Corleone and his family, namely his son Michael who ends up being Vito’s successor. There is a lot of drama, betrayal and an intense fear that your favorite characters will be shot at any minute. Don’t overthink, just watch it.

cindy sherman

3.Cindy Sherman

When I had photography class, I was determined to do self-portraits to express my professional indecisiveness. I stumbled upon Cindy’s work and I really enjoyed it. I later learned that she is one of the most influential contemporary artists. For more than 30 years she was both the model and the photographer of her work. She used to impersonate different characters to explore identity and the way characters are represented.

She is beyond impressive and a great inspiration behind my work and the way I express myself through art. My goal with my art is to have insight into the human nature – what people think and feel. I definitely recommend diving in and exploring her work because you will definitely be met with provocative thoughts and ideas.

Check her work out HERE


Banksy is a fairly famous anonymous graffiti artists. However, he is also a political activist because of the nature of his art. His work is almost a form of activism and a loud voice for various issues. Fortunately, his art has gained prominence and even more so because he disguised his identity. In many places around the world his art would just pop up and people would basically go wild with excitement.

I love that he expresses his views through his artwork but I also truly appreciate that he doesn’t do it for fame and prestige. This makes his work so much more valuable and honest, I believe.

Check his work HERE

And also in his Instagram

I hope you enjoy this quick series of articles and learn or get introduced to something new every week with me. If there’s something you want to introduce me to, just write to me HERE and I might feature you and your idea in the next blog of this series.

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