Four for Tuesday: A Free Day

So I finally decided to start with the first series in my blog: Four for Tuesday. What this means is that every Tuesday I will post four interesting things I have encountered. It can be literature, art, food, photography or anything else that interests me and you, my readers. I’m doing this so that you can see things that you might otherwise see less of. Also, I think it’s a great way to share inspiring parts of mine or other people’s lives, professions or personalities. Similarly, I want to introduce my reader to something new every week. If what I share is not new for some of you, just become part of the conversation and tell us more about it!


1. A Poem: The More Loving One by W.H. Auden

I’m sharing this because it’s almost always at the back of my head. It’s one of my favorite poems, if not the favorite. It always reminds me of love and my relations with people and how one “should learn to look at an empty sky”. It’s just absolutely fascinating to me and it has inspired many of my writings.

Read it HERE 


2.Food: Crème Caramel – A Sweet Escape

This is by far one of the easiest fancy recipes you can make and feel quite like a French Pastry Chef. I know I’m being a little cheesy because the taste matters the most to me too. But, this dessert really tastes darn well. It’s likely my mother’s favorite and I usually make it just for her. We have very lovely guests tonight so that’s why I made it. I try to stay away from sweets, but sometimes (or most of the time) I just can’t!

Recipe HERE


3.Photographer: Jessica Kobeissi


Now, this is one that has consumed me almost all weekend. I feel kind of ashamed to say that I haven’t known her earlier than this past weekend. But she got me all in love haha (with her photography of course!). She is by far one of the most inspiring photographers I’ve seen lately. This is mainly because she makes it seem so effortless and absolutely stunning. She mostly (or only) photographs people and that’s something I really enjoyed because I also prefer to photograph people.

She has a Youtube channel and that’s where I was introduced to her amazing work. She makes all kinds of fun challenges that show how photography can be done by anyone who’s passionate about it. I also enjoyed her down to earth personality and how she seemed very approachable, a really nice break from all the crazy attention seeking youtubers. She actually does awesome work and I think you definitely have to explore what she does!


Check her out HERE




4.TV Show: Jane The Virgin

If you haven’t started watching Jane the Virgin, please stop right here and now and start watching it! Yes, it is that exciting. I actually started watching this TV show when it first aired so it’s quite a pain now waiting for new episodes to be released. Needless to say, I cannot wait to see more and more. I wish they’d made it like some TV shows Netflix shares when they share the whole season at the same time – why are they so good to us?!

The plot follows Jane who is accidentally inseminated with Rafael’s sperm and mothers his baby – all while she’s a virgin. I know, OUCH! The story, however, is based on a telenovela and the cast is quite brilliant. There’s crime involved too and a lot of love, confusion, COMEDY and anything you really want from a TV show unless you want the 2nd Game of Thrones – that’s another story.



I hope you enjoy this quick series of articles and learn or get introduced to something new every week with me. If there’s something you want to introduce me to, just write to me HERE and I might feature you and your idea in the next blog of this series.


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