Celebrate Spring in Pink

For all I know, I would immediately dye my hair pink. However, I will suppress this urge until my hair grows a little or until it doesn’t seem like a good idea after all.



I think I couldn’t put in words how much I enjoy spring. I love not being cold but also not suffocating from the heat when you have to work in the summer. In my opinion, summers are to be spent on the beach, ONLY. I dream of days when I can afford something like that.

Spring, though, is effortless. You don’t have to pile a ton of clothes on yourself to feel semi-comfortable. You also don’t have to endure melting makeup. So, it’s the best in-between situation you can think of (except for being in between sheets with your boo! #decency). It’s also extremely beautiful! There’s just not much mystery about it, it’s like a child who’s loved and loving. As such, I think spring is an actual season to celebrate and the best way to do so, is to just lay down and enjoy it. Or walk and enjoy it, choose your own activities please!

What I mean to say is that we should just take the time to see and feel the beauties of spring while they’re here – which is not for long.

I personally want to be outdoors more – which is not so common for me because I just have so much to do. But that’s the best way to keep our minds clear and healthy. This is actually exactly what I was thinking when I decided to write about spring. This season just helps our mental and overall health so much, we have to make use of it.

During both winter and summer we experience emotional roller-coasters. During the winter we get what’s called winter blues which is basically depression from the short and cold days. While in summer, we get quite intense and even the crime rate gets much higher. So, I think it’s safe to conclude that spring is the perfect in-between. So, to celebrate spring, we ought to celebrate ourselves and mental well-being.



Spring and pink aren’t only rhyming words but they have many more connotations. Celebrating spring would mean to also notice the flowers, many of which are pink. So in my mind spring is not only green, although that’s also super pleasant, but it’s very pink, too (think: peach, cherry tree blossoms).

It just happened that on one of these spring days I also dressed in a very sporty peachy pink dress and matching sneakers. This is such a positive color and makes me feel part of the season. It also made me feel at ease and comfortable – in addition to the great mindset spring has put me in.

I spent this day with my boyfriend and the pictures are taken from him. So much love! And he’s a very sporty person himself so I knew he was going to like my outfit. He did, by the way. We really had a good time together that day and I just felt the sun give me good energy.


So dress in pink to match the season and go out to celebrate spring while it lasts.





















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