Getting up Close and Personal with Lichens

Lichens are a part of the environment that is quite often overlooked. However, they are one of the oldest things on Earth. My choice to photograph them came as a decision to follow a challange of taking photographs without focusing on their abstract meaning or concept. So I was about to photograph lichens in their environment. My twist was to try to do it in macro style. I used my phone's camera for the shoot and edited them with Lightroom. Although I edited 2-3 of them with Photoshop I figured I only wanted to do some basic changes. My phone is a...

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No Romance in Paris

I went to Paris about a month ago and I couldn't put together my feelings about it for some time, likely because they were mixed. But, here's a poem!...

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I Lost a Coin in Budapest

I visited Budapest and I decided I will write poems about the places I visit. Here's one to Budapest and the great memories it gave me. ...

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The World is Plastic

This is a series of selfportraits addressing the issue of plastic which is constantly taken for granted. The photographs have names. ...

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3 Secrets of Venice

Venice is the city and love is the feeling. In this article I included a poem which is an ode to the beauty and sad side of this city. ...

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