How to look and feel like a badass at work

Being badass at work seems almost a necessity to me, although being badass generally in life is just as important. I think that badassness is a true quality – it’s about being tough, resilient and firm. At work, the regular badass does their job and s/he does it well. Also, a badass never feels bad about him/herself; they fix their situation – even if it means leaving the job. Last time I discussed work, I didn’t really feel like working. Today I’m writing this in the office where I work. So, I changed my mind. However, the only way I accept to work is the badass way.



So, how to feel badass at work?

Be good at what you do

There’s no meaning in a badass attitude if you’re not good at your job. So, it’s difficult to be badass at work if you’re still an intern but when you’ve figured out your job, you know what and how to do your work, well – badass all the way. Being badass is close to having an attitude but the difference is that the badass always has his/her work under their belt.

I write really well. Consequently, most of my jobs were related to writing which I did fairly well. I never had to feel incompetent about my job. Similarly, I was always good at communicating so it wasn’t difficult to put my skills out there.

It’s important that whatever skill you have, to strive to become the best at it, or close to the best. There are obvious challenges when you strive to be really good at what you do, but there’s nothing like the feeling of owning your sh*t.

As you may know, I enjoy doing many things. However, I haven’t been as dedicated to anything as I was to writing. This is mainly because I loved writing, expressing myself and just articulating thoughts through symbols – that’s amazing to me. So, my great dedication to writing, even if not completely intentional, has made me really good at it. I’m trying to do the same with some other forms of expression…wait and see.


Own the confidence

You can be the best at what you do, but if you let everyone step on you and your work – you can’t be badass. I’ve worked in a company where the owners would take the whole credit for everyone’s work. I understand that when you work in a company, you do the work for them because they pay you. What I don’t understand or accept, though, is when the company completely and blatantly ignores your efforts. Such situations can make you feel less confident, in which case you have to keep track of your work and be able to share what you did.

So, when you become aware of what you’ve done and accomplished, it makes you feel confident. However, confidence is not only an outward expression. Confidence has to have a much more inward and personal incentive. In work, it relates to my previous point of being good at what you do, but also being self-assured. You shouldn’t be doubting yourself or your skills if you have them.

Also, contrary to popular belief, confidence needs humbleness. You don’t have to go around bragging about your work because that’s more a sign of insecurity than it is a sign of confidence. A confident person doesn’t need to constantly shove his/her confidence in other people’s faces.

One of the best qualities many of my supervisors throughout my jobs have highlighted about me is that I wasn’t making a big deal out of any work that I did, however big of an impact it had. I knew I was doing well, but I didn’t have to make a big fuss about it. Allow others to appreciate you and appreciate yourself but don’t overdo it. This will help your overall life balance much more and it will make you truly confident in the long run.


Do and Don’t compromise

Badass people rarely compromise. I am one of them, I just really like doing things my way. However, there has to be a good balance. You need to compromise when it’s necessary and you need to know where to stop compromising.

Most companies care more about themselves than they care about you or your career. You should be able to compromise on a deal that is good for both sides. However, you have to have standards which you hold and live by. Don’t compromise your well-being of any kind for the interest of others.

A true badass is devotedly uncompromising. The reason for this is that badass people don’t just hang on to every little thing and make it important. They know what is and what isn’t really important.

I have standards at work which I know and respect; I would not allow anyone to challenge, let alone change them. Some of them include being shouted at or blatantly offended, I would hate if a supervisor at work would think of themselves as humanly or morally superior to me. See you, never!



How to look badass at work?

Dress the way you feel

No, don’t try to wear a very serious suit if it’s going to make you feel utterly uncomfortable (unless you have a dress code that demands it, in which case I’m really sorry)! Dressing the way you feel will make you much more comfortable and thus allow you to move around with confidence. Do you have a favorite shirt or jacket? Wear it and you will not only look badass, it will also help you feel so. As can be seen, dressing and feeling badass are very much related to one another.

The way you dress will very likely affect your mood. In the creative fields, we are much more flexible when it comes to dressing. I usually wear whatever I feel like and love making mini social experiments with my clothing. Sometimes I dress seriously and people act differently as opposed to when I dress more carefree. But, my choices are mostly affected by my mood. On my most confident days, I like to wear casual suits or clothes which have special elements.

Obviously, style cannot be bought when you buy clothes. However, there is plenty of inspiration all around. If you need, check confident and influential people and get inspired by their style. Eventually, almost everyone figures out their style if they care to.


Wear things that fit you

Wearing extremely tight clothes will not make you look or feel badass, ever. Although wearing tight, almost exploding, jeans may seem sexually attractive to some, it definitely doesn’t seem badass. It is the same with trying to talk to everyone about all the amazing work you did, it makes you seem pretty insecure. Also, it’s unhealthy!

Trust me, don’t undersize and plan to flaunt your attractiveness at work – it usually makes people doubt your intentions. Although I’m not against tight clothes, I am against the unkempt, overtight and, I have to say it, sl*ty appearance.

Just try to respect yourself and everyone around you with the way you dress. I really don’t want to see anybody’s belly at work or anything like that.

I just had to put this out there so that people don’t think that badassness means going completely nuts and vulgar. Badass people look amazing, yet really well fitted. They look comfortable in what they’re wearing, they rock their outfit and give it life and glam.


Don’t be boring

Yes, you can wear jeans and a white shirt every single day – it’s a timeless look. But, it can get boring. There are always staples that give your outfit an extra amount of badassness which I totally support.

Accessorizing is a great way to show your badass personality. We often tease one of my colleagues at the office for wearing a cap but it really adds to his badassness. The way he wears it and rocks it, makes him seem comfortable yet cool. My rings, watch and Pandora bracelet are some of my favorite accessories because they match my style and most of my outfits. They give my look an extra spice of badass. Also, I love wearing pretty contrasting shoes to my outfits. This usually gives a variety effect which is really cool and impressive.

There are many ways to make your outfits unique or simply fresh. You can wear the same shirt many times but style it in different ways. As long as you’re comfortable in your clothes, styling your outfit is fun but also badass.



Overall, it’s important for a person to want to be badass and the rest will follow with some effort. Being badass is not just a quality, it’s a lifestyle. If you are willing to work hard and be uncompromising for things that you truly care for, I respect that – that’s badass.

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