ItsAdea (Adea Ademi)

and I’m working on building A Platform of Creativity and Artistic Expression

I want this blog to be more than self-expression; I hope to involve beautiful minds and an abundance of realness.

It’s my blog, but it’s your platform too; which is the reason why I have included the series of Passionate People, their stories, and perspectives.

Most importantly about me and this blog is that I love, write and tell stories. It is through telling stories that I feel people can understand one another and make sense of information. Part of my own personal narrative is figuring out my purpose and constructing the puzzle, in my own way. I am truly keen to document my adventure of straightening out what matters and let the reader into my world of creativity.

Some fun facts about me:

  • I absolutely love reading and writing, and this is what has motivated me to start this blog.
  • A food enthusiast here! And pasta is probably my favorite (in any form or dish!)
  • I’m caring and I enjoy getting to know people and helping them; I like people. 
  • Fashion is my passion (and I’m generally a very passionate person).
  • Despite loving pasta, I care A LOT about my health. I enjoy trying alternative medicine and natural ways of taking care of myself and others.
  • I truly love learning. Learning Photography and Design lately.
  • Wanderlust is typical in my life, and my home is a person.

Many thanks to Urim Karakashi for branding my blog, creating its visual identity and capturing exactly what I wanted.

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