3 Secrets of Venice

Of all my travels I believe Venice has been uniquely spectacular. The 8 days spent there made me so deeply attracted to this true gem of culture and beauty. I wrote this poem as an ode to Venice for the fascinating images it left in my memory.


3 secrets of Venice

I will walk your streets
and stones I will step on
and just as simply,
I’ll feel delight
this would be secret number one

If we talk about secret number two
we both know only walking won’t do
Just as happily
I will flow with your waters
and dream to be just as beautiful, too

The third secret
it’s probably no secret at all
it hurt at first to see
I was not the only one
in love with you to fall



I said it, there is nothing like walking around Venice. There is no other city that I’ve been to, maybe except for London, that I enjoying walking around as much. There was always something beautiful to see, yes, at all times and how the city does it must be one of the secrets of Venice.

People, but Boat trips

As disclosed in the poem, what hurt me the most about Venice is that there were too many people there, mainly tourists. However, we stayed on the Giudecca island which is the part of Venice that is separated from the main island. This was one of the best things about this trip because we always traveled by boat to the other side to go to the city center. The boat rides were absolutely special. Often I would drift in thoughts and feel naturally happy and serene. I won’t forget the boat rides for a long time.

Also, the Giudecca island was less populated and it felt great to simply walk and sightsee. I most definitely could have lived there. So, as another one of the secrets of Venice I do suggest to stay on the Guidecca island if you go. Thank me later. Similarly, we would often look for great places in the center and went exploring all around. We found stunning roads and bridges where it felt like the island was so calm and deserted. Those were such unique times.

Food, please!

The food was also great! I’m a big fan of Italian food and had been truly excited to eat it made by actual Italians. I think though that my Bolognese is pretty close to the way they make it in Italy. Needless to say, I could’ve eaten all day there with those stunning views that just felt surreal.

Why can’t I stay?

I don’t always ask myself this but I just adored Venice. It honestly made me wish I’d lived there at some point in history when there were less people. I can imagine being a writer there back then. Okay, yes, please!

Now, I don’t write poems very often but I feel that Venice had left a mark on me enough to make me put down some words for it. Let the world amaze you, but don’t let yourself be too amazed! There’s always better, beyond.


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