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Latest Pieces

  • How to look and feel like a badass at work

    A badass at work in his/her core is an uncompromising hard worker. We are humble about our well done job but assertive in personality. This is a guide!...

  • too nice
    Four for Tuesday: Don’t be TOO Nice

    At times we're too nice and we put ourselves in these obviously awkward situations. Here are 4 things that should boost mine and your badass attribute. ...

  • Beware of Numbers Ruling Your life and Energy

    Sometimes numbers are so intensely present in our lives. Social media; money and our time are just some of the cases where numbers are completely taking over us. ...

  • Film
    What I’ve been thinking lately: Life and Filmmaking

    This is a heartfelt blog which I wrote while I was reflecting. It's just my pure thoughts on my professional indecisiveness and will to do many things. I have certainly been entertaining the idea of doing some sort of film-making. ...

  • Xhenet Mullarama
    Meet Passionate Artist: Xhenet Mullarama

    Xhenet Mullarama is an artist who's working and earning a living through her art. She has been passionate about art ever since she was a toddler and now she's basically living her dreams. Additionally, she's studying fashion design and aspires to connect with people through the making of her own clo...

  • Words and Aesthetics

    I am convinced that words have a life of their own. As such, they have power. I am planning to direct my blog more towards words and to explore their meaning, context, and power. There is still much to be thought out about this plan but one thing is for sure, I'm more than excited! ...


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